Counseling & Life Coaching


Change The Way Your Family Thinks, Prospers and Lives! Every person – preteen, teen, young adult & parent – has the innate "Gift" to DREAM. Also, unlike any other species on this planet, humans also have the “gift” to harness one’s mind to THINK. Thus, we all have the power to use our mind, to think, to … [Learn More...]

Professional Speaking & Training


Joe Educates, Motivates and Gets Results! Over the last 20 years Joe has delivered 100's of keynotes, seminars and workshops to middle school & high school students, college students, parents, teachers & helping professionals. Joe's programs are inspirational, motivational and packed full of high value … [Learn More...]

Share Your Story: Grow Cut Donate™


3 INTENTIONS of GROW, CUT & DONATE 1). To bring LIGHT – a growing awareness – to a beautiful happening & story of kids loving kids. 80% of the hair donations to Locks of Love are from kids – more stories of kids doing good for Our World must be known. 2). To HONOR friends & family I know who … [Learn More...]

The Great Teenage Myth™ Book


Quit Living This Self-Limiting Belief!  There is a Great Teenage Myth alive in this world.  Only if the young people & adults of our world are willing to understand and shatter The Great Teenage Myth will we have given the preteens, teenagers & young adults of today's world the opportunity … [Learn More...]